Tuesday, November 15, 2011

your presence or eyes needed Thursday, Gary in DC !

Dear Virginia supporters of Governor Gary Johnson,

The governor is hosting his third Yowie townhall Thursday at 8, November17, at the Washington, D.C. center of the University of California, although the event is co-hosted by John Hopkins University.  Anyone worldwide can watch it at the campaign site, and to help spread the message you are asked to RSVP and share this link with your networks, to get as many folks worldwide as possible watching this and thus spreading the message.  The topic is "Liberty in Governance", and after Mr. Johnson speaks for 15 minutes Q&A will be taken from the LIVE audience and those in the Yowie online Townhall. 

If you live within a couple hours of DC, the governor really would like you to personally attendProfessor Guttman requests an RSVP at rguttman@jhu.edu for those who can join us in person.  If you can make it, if you don't mind, also please RSVP at this link.  Once you RSVP, the address is 1608 Rhode Island Avenue NW, Wash DC.  For directions to, and to find parking, at UC's DC center, click here.

If you live in southwest Virginia, volunteer John Brill invites you to the Roanoke hangout on Sunday, November 20th, to watch the next Yowie townhall, focusing this time on "tea party" issues, dealing mostly with reforming government.  Please click here for information or to RSVP.

With Governor Johnson having had an in-depth, favorable article in the LA Times and 3 awesome appearances on MSNBC - with Dylan Ratigan and Chris Hayes, hour one and hour two - and Fox, his name recognition should be up (and, indeed, he remains at 1% on PPP, the only company with the self-respect to even include the governor in a poll).  Help us capitalize on this new attention by ensuring a powerful Yowie Thursday! 

One topic gaining attention is the growing frustration about the media's blatant exclusion of the popular, budget- and tax-cutting, job-creating, socially-tolerant, twice-elected governor from not only the debates, but also from the polls!  Well, the governor has had enough, and has filed a formal complaint with both the FEC and the FCC.  If CBS, the media company in this case, can give such a gift to their version of the "frontrunners", and hurt the governor's campaign in such a malicious way by excluding him, it is making an "in-kind" contribution that triggers a problem.  You can help take action on this, to demand fairness.

We also have a online poll from U.S. News & World Report that could use your vote.  There's also a push to raise the governor's position at Americans Elect, if you wouldn't mind clicking and helping.  And if you're at your laptops at 5pm Thursday, Governor Johnson will be a guest on Coy Barefoot's radio program on WINA-AM in Charlottesville, LIVE streamed.

P.S. Please join and invite other Virginia residents to join our state campaign Facebook page and state campaign Meetup Group.

P.P.S. To be a volunteer leader in Virginia, help us please gather the 10,000 signatures required to add the governor to the March 6 primary, with either a legal or letter sized petition.  Simply click on the link to print out your preferred size (legal's easier, requiring fewer notarizations), write "Gary E. Johnson" at the top, copy front and back, and bring on a legal sized clipboard several copies so eligible voters can sign the petition according to their city or county.  Once finished, kindly get the petition notarized at your bank or library and mail by December 10th (in order for me to make the December 22nd deadline) to:

Charles D. Frohman
6228 Weathersfield Way
Williamsburg, VA 23188

Virginia Director, Gary Johnson 2012
Governor Johnson's facebook page
my LinkedIn profile

To cease supporting the best candidate, just reply with "remove"

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