Saturday, February 26, 2011

Fwd: Red Alert! Rally on Saturday in Richmond!

Virginia Tea Party Patriots
A message to all members of Virginia Tea Party Patriots

Dave Van Allen is forming an Exposé Sting Team to take videos and pictures of the SEIU and union protest rally at the Virginia capitol this Saturday.  We will be posting these videos and pictures on a web page on Sunday and Monday as people get them to us.

Dave has put up a survey you can email to your members to show their interest in participating.  This survey will also collect emails of those that are interested so Dave can email them details of the sting.

Please ask your members that are interested in volunteering to register by providing their email address on the survey.

Send this survey link to your members:

Do you have members willing to attend the union protest at the capitol and do the following:

 take videos
 take pictures
 update their Facebook statuses with events witnessed
 tweet events witnessed

Things we want to capture:

small union protest turnout
bad behavior
destruction of property
lack of knowledge of issues

What: Exposé Sting

When: Saturday, 26 Feb 2011, noon

Where: Richmond, Capitol grounds Bell Tower,

Why: To expose the astroturf, selfish, greedy, bully tactics of unions like SEIU and so we can remind our legislators WE are the people of Virginia.

***Reminder:  Patriot Meeting on Tuesday, March 1st at the Williamsburg Regional Library @ 7PM! See you there!  Les & Landra Skelly

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