Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Gary Johnson radio debate Thursday/online townhall Friday

Dear Virginia volunteers for Governor Gary Johnson -

Good evening!  Please mark your calendars for big events tomorrow and Friday.

* At 7pm Thursday please click on the governor's press release for the link to listen in on the livestream of his New Hampshire tea party debate with former Louisiana Governor Buddy Roemer, followed by Speaker Newt Gingrich's debate with Senator Rick Santorum.  PLEASE ALERT FRIENDS! (Speaking of NH, here's video of the governor registering for its January primary).

* On Friday at 8pm Mr. Johnson hosts his second online townhall meeting, this time more focused on the issue of tax reform and reviving the jobs.  Click here please for information, to RSVP, and to watch (If you're not on facebook, just click on the main site on Friday at 8,  Better yet, if you can drive to northern Virginia, join the rest of us in one of our Gary Johnson "hangouts", at the home of volunteer Robert Kenyon, where we will be able to ask questions directly of the governor, and be a part of the event.  To have enough food and drink, Robert would appreciate an RSVP for the NoVa Hangout.  (At the link is Robert's address and contact info; or, just email him for details at  PLEASE INVITE FRIENDS! (Here's video of the last Yowie townhall, showing the wide variety of questions and how our hangout will look).

Are you looking for Gary Johnson bumper stickers, yard signs, or t-shirts? You can buy them now in our online store.

If you know someone who may want to apply, the campaign seeks state directors in the following states: AL, AR, AK, CO, DE, DC, GA, IN, KY, MT, NJ, OR, SD, WY. Send any thoughts to

The governor had a great interview with Judge Napolitano on Fox Business recently.  PLEASE SHARE!

On Monday's WEEKLY CONFERENCE CALL, Bill Redpath discussed his success Saturday getting petition signatures from Governor Bob McDonnell and Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli, and even from Democrats at their campaign rallies - yeah Bill! Juanita Billings updated us on her recruitment of volunteers in the Fredericksburg region, including at colleges; she has neat "handbills" voters seem to like (maybe the campaign can print these for everyone). John Brill discussed all the Roanoke activists meetings he's attended. A request was made for those opposed to the governor's abortion stance; it's not well known that Mr. Johnson got the highest pro-life rating while governor, for his opposition to late term, subsidized, and non-notified abortions (although he is pro-choice up to viability).  Keep the pressure on debate organizers for unfair exclusion of the governor. Email me at with questions or suggetions!

Don't forget to call in our weekly conference call 8:30pm Mondays!  888-998-2663; code 2634917.

I got published in South Carolina's Hotline, complaining about CBS' and the SC GOP's use of a Real Clear Politics' poll average to exclude from its upcoming debate Governor Johnson.  RCP doesn't include the governor, so once again we have media/GOP collusion.  At the hotline contact info is included in case you want to share your distaste at their malicious behavior.  Charlottesville volunteer Rick Sincere was interviewed by Coy Barefoot, a fellow William and Mary alum of mine who's now a popular radio host, on what should be the huge controversy of the media mistreatment of an obviously legitimate candidate.  A popular blogger in Virginia's mountain region just complained about the governor's being mistreated by the media.

Gary continues to get favorable media coverage for being the only politician to adhere to what polls show is a majority in opposition to continued war on marijuana.  Here he is speaking at the annual Drug Policy Conference getting mad applause for his pledge to pardon felons and declassify weed.  Expanding our tent is going to win it for us, as Gary demonstrated in this video speaking at Occupy Wall Street.  On the other side of the aisle Ayn Rand objectivists wrote up a solid interview in favor of the governor's top-notch fiscal discipline.

Term limits and citizen initiative activist Paul Jacob just endorsed the governor.  It's worth it to keep supporting the governor, because Republican experts like George Will believes we're doomed with frontrunners like Romney.  Here's the full list of celebrity endorsements of the governor, including the infamous Roger Stone's endorsement.

Please keep checking your local event calendars to attend and petition for signatures (petitioning details and copies of petitions below).  Click on the state GOP calendar, various VA tea party events pages, Republican Liberty Caucus VA chapters, and VA Libertary Party events page, and please take the attached petition with you.  To get involved, if you could email the leader of your region below, they need to know that you're available to help them raise awareness in your congressional district for the candidate.  Your Virginia campaign leaders are:

NoVa - Robert
Fairfax - Ian
Fredericksburg - Juanita
Charlottesville - Doug
Richmond - Mark
Roanoke - John
Tidewater - Steve
Blacksburg - Eric

Email them now to introduce yourself, and ask them for an update on what the campaign is doing in your area.

P.S. Please join and invite other Virginia residents to join our state campaign Facebook page and state campaign Meetup Group.

P.P.S. To be a volunteer leader in Virginia, help us please gather the 10,000 signatures required to add the governor to the March 6 primary, with either a legal or letter sized petition.  Simply click on the link to print out your preferred size (legal's easier, requiring fewer notarizations), write "Gary E. Johnson" at the top, copy front and back, and bring on a legal sized clipboard several copies so eligible voters can sign the petition according to their city or county.  Once finished, kindly get the petition notarized at your bank or library and mail by December 10th (in order for me to make the December 22nd deadline) to:

Charles D. Frohman
6228 Weathersfield Way
Williamsburg, VA 23188

Virginia Director, Gary Johnson 2012
Governor Johnson's facebook page
my LinkedIn profile

To be removed from the campaign's Virginia list, just reply with "remove".

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