Monday, September 26, 2011

Irene Status Update

Hurricane Irene – Status of Debris Removal Operations
Debris Removal Contractors began collections of vegetative storm debris on Tuesday, September 6, 2011, and have completed one pass throughout the County.
Storm debris collections will be suspended until Saturday, October 1st to allow residents a final opportunity to move any remaining debris generated from Hurricane Irene to the public right of way.  All storm debris must be placed at the public right of way by Friday September 30th.  Please remember that this final collection will be for vegetative debris generated as a result of Hurricane Irene only.  For debris generated as a result of regular yard maintenance, residents should call the Waste Management Center at 890-3780 to schedule a yard debris collection under normal program guidelines.
Please take note of the following important information regarding storm debris removal efforts:
·         Residents who have remaining storm debris must have all eligible material to the public right of way no later than Friday, September 30th.  Please remember that this special collection is for debris generated by Hurricane Irene only. 
·         Although contractors will be collecting eligible storm debris that was placed at the public right of way, effective October 1, 2011, the York County Division of Waste Management will resume normal operations.  Collections for any debris placed at the right-of-way after September 30th will need to be scheduled as a regular Yard Debris Collection.
·         Residents with bagged debris are asked to please consolidate your bagged debris with your neighbors where possible.  This will enable the contractors to work faster and more efficiently during the collections process.
We appreciate your patience as we work to clear all remaining debris from the public right of way. For additional information about the storm debris removal process, please contact the Division of Waste Management at 890-3780.
Through Monday, September 26th, Contractors have cleared over 53,000 cubic yards of eligible storm debris from the public right of way on the below listed streets:

Aberfeldy Way
Accomac Turning
Adele Court
Alabama Lane
Albacore Drive
Alice Court
Allen Harris Drive
Allendale Place
Allens Mill Road
Ambler Street
Amelia Court
Anacostia Turn
Anchor Drive
Andrews Crossing
Angus Lane
Apothecary Place
Aquia Turn
Arden Drive
Armstrong Drive
Artillery Road
Ashby Park Drive
Ashley Circle
Atoka Turn
Autumn Way
Back Creek Road
Back Creek Park
Back Forty Loop
Bacon Street
Bailey Drive
Bailey Road
Baldric Place
Banniker Drive
Baptist Road
Barcanmore Lane
Barclay Road
Barcroft Drive
Barlow Road
Barnstaple Way
Barrington Lane
Basta Drive
Battery Circle
Bay Tree Beach Road
Bayview Drive
Beach Road
Beatties Landing Road
Beecham Drive
Beechwood Drive
Bell Hill Drive
Bellows Place
Belmont Circle
Belvin Lane
Benjamins Court
Berrys Landing
Bethany Terrace
Big Gap Road
Bill Sours Drive
Birkdale Court
Blackberry Bend
Blacksmith Arch
Blair Drive
Blanton Drive
Blevins Run
Blue Heron Drive
Boathouse Cove
Boca Raton Circle
Bolivar Drive
Bonito Drive
Booker T Road
Bordeaux Court
Boulder Way
Bowstring Drive
Bradley Drive
Brandon Way
Brandywine Drive
Brantley Court
Brassie Drive
Breezy Point Drive
Brenda Court
Brian Wesley Court
Bridge Wood Drive
Brigade Drive
Brighton Circle
Brittania Drive
Brokenbridge Road
Bronze Court
Brook Lane
Brook Road
Brook Run
Brookstone Court
Browns Lane
Bruton Drive
Bryon Road
Buckner Street
Buffie Road
Bugle Court
Bulifants Boulevard
Bunche Drive
Bunting Point Road
Burgundy Road
Burnham Road
Burts Road
Cabernet Road
Callahan Drive
Calthrop Neck Road
Calumet Turn
Cambridge Lane
Camelot Crescent
Camille Court
Candlestick Place
Cannon Road
Cannonball Court
Caran Road
Cardinal Lane
Carlton Drive
Carnoustie Court
Carol Drive
Carolyn Crescent
Carraway Terrace
Carters Neck Road
Carys Trace
Castellow Court
Castlewood Court
Catawba Court
Catesby Lane
Catherine Court
Cavalier Drive
Cedar Point Crescent
Cemetery Lane
Chadds Circle
Champions Path
Chapel Hill Lane
Chaptico Run
Chardonnay Road
Charlene Court
Charles Circle
Charles River Landing Road
Charles Road
Charter Drive
Chase Oak Court
Chateau Drive
Chatham Court
Cheadle Loop Road
Cherry Hall Lane
Cherry Point Drive
Cherwell Court
Chestnut Court
Chinquapin Orchard
Chippokes Turn
Chisman Circle
Chisman Landing
Chismans Point Road
Choptank Turn
Chowan Turn
Chowning Place
Chuckatuck Turn
Church Road
Church Street
Clarden Court
Clark Lane
Claxton Creek Road
Clayton Drive
Cleek Boulevard
Clements Lane
Cliftons Bluff
Clipper Court
Coachman Drive
Cobia Lane
Cockletown Road
Cody Place
Coinjock Run
Colleen Drive
Collington Run
Commerce Circle
Compass Court
Connor Drive
Constitution Drive
Conway Court
Coopers Lane
Copeland Lane
Copse Way
Corbett Place
Cornwallis Road
Corrotoman Run
Corvette Drive
Country Lane
Cousins Point
Cove Court
Cove Crescent
Cove Drive
Crandol Drive
Cranwood Court
Crawford Road
Creedmoor Court
Creek Circle
Creek Point Circle
Crest Lake Court
Crimson Court
Criner Lane
Crockett Road
Cromwell Drive
Crown Court
Crystal Lake Drive
Cub Court
Daisy Lane
Dalzell Court
Dandy Haven Lane
Dandy View Lane
Daphne Drive
Darby Road
Davids Way
Davis Circle
Dawn Place
Dawson Crescent
Dawson Drive
Deep Woods Trail
Deer Path Road
Denise Drive
Dennis Drive
Devonshire Drive
Dillard Lane
Dogwood Court
Dolphin Drive
Don Juan Circle
Dorothy Drive
Douglas Drive
Doyle Court
Drew Road
Drewry Lane
Driftwood Court
Dryden Lane
Duff Drive
Earl Street
East Branch Road
East Queens Drive
East Woodland Drive
Edale Avenue
Edgehill Lane
Edgewood Court
Egret Court
Elise Place
Elizabeths Quay
Ella Taylor Road
Ellerson Court
Elliott Road
Elm Lake Way
Emerald Court
English Garden Way
Eric Nelson Run
Erin Leigh Court
Evergreen Circle
Ewell Road
Fairfield Drive
Fairway Lane
Fairwinds Drive
Falcon Road
Falling Spring Run
Faulkner Road
Fenton Mill Road
Ferguson Bend
Ferrier Place
Fielding Lewis Drive
Fieldstone Court
Finch Lane
Firby Road
First Street
Fisher Court
Fishermans Cove
Fishneck Landing Road
Flag Creek Road
Flamingo Place
Flintlock Road
Forest Lane
Fortune Place
Fox Lane
Foxfield Place
Foxwood Drive
Frances Drive
Franklin Road
Freemans Trace
Friars Court
Gaines Way
Galaxy Way
Galleon Court
George Emerson Lane
Glen Laurel Way
Glenkinchiey Court
Glenn Circle
Glenn Cove
Goering Drive
Golden Drive
Goodwin Neck Road
Goose Creek Road
Gordon Lane
Gorham Court
Grace Street
Grafton District Road
Grafton Drive
Grafton Station Lane
Granite Place
Gray Lane
Greene Drive
Greenland Drive
Greg Lane
Gregory Drive
Grindstone Turn
Hailsham Place
Halles Run
Hansford Court
Hansford Lane
Harbor Crescent
Harbour Drive
Harlan Drive
Harrigan Way
Harrod Lane
Harrop Lane
Harvest Way
Harwood Drive
Haymaker Place
Heath Place
Heather Way
Heatherwood Lane
Heavens Way
Hedgerow Lane
Hemlock Court
Henry Lee Way
Heritage Place
Heron Court
Hickory Hills Drive
Hidden Harbor
Hidden Lane
High Point Road
Hilda Hollow
Hillburne Lane
Hillside Lane
Holcomb Drive
Holden Lane
Hollingsworth Court
Holloway Drive
Holly Point Road
Hollywood Boulevard
Holmes Boulevard
Holt Circle
Homestead Place
Honeysuckle Lane
Hornor Lane
Horseshoe Drive
Hounds Chase
Hudgins Farm Drive
Hudson Drive
Hunters Lane
Huntingdon Road
Ibis Place
Idaho Circle
Ilex Drive
Indiana Lane
Ira Drive
J. Farm Lane
Jackson Circle
Jacobs Run
James Drive
Janis Drive
Jara Lane
Jefferson Lane
Jeffrey Kenneth Place
Jenkins Court
Jennings Drive
Jerdone Place
Jericho Crossing
Jernigan Lane
Jesse Street
Jessica Drive
Jethro Lane
Jib Court
Joanne Drive
Joel Lane
John Carl Drive
Jonadab Road
Jonathan Junction
Jonquil Court
Jotank Turn
Judith Circle
Kaitlyn Court
Kanawah Run
Karley Place
Katalina Way
Kathleen Place
Kay Circle
Kay Lane
Kayla Court
Kelsey Road
Kenmar Drive
Kenneth Drive
Kent Taylor Drive
Kentucky Drive
Kerr Lane
Ketch Court
Kevin Court
Key Circle
Killarnock Court
Kimberly Court
King Richard Court
Kings Court
Kings Grant Drive
Kings Pointe Crossing
Kingsgate Road
Kitty Drive
Kraft Court
Kristin Court
Kubesh Court
Kyle Circle
Lafayette Road
Lake Dale Way
Lake Herrin Court
Lakeland Crescent
Lakepoint Place
Lakeshead Drive
Lakeview Drive
Lakewood Circle
Lambs Rest Lane
Lamplighter Place
Lance Way
Land Grant Road
Landing Road
Langston Point
Lantern Place
Larchwood Road
Larkin Run
Laura Lane
Laurel Acres
Laurel Path Road
Lawson Drive
Le Roy Drive
Leigh Road
Lenox Court
Leslie Lane
Levinson Pass
Lewis Drive
Lexington Court
Leyland Court
Liberty Drive
Lilburne Way
Lindsay Landing Lane
Little John Road
Loblolly Court
Lochmere Court
Lodge Road
Londonderry Lane
Long Green Boulevard
Longwood Circle
Lookout Point
Loon Court
Lopez Place
Lorac Court
Lord North Court
Lorna Doone Drive
Lotz Drive
Low Ridge Road
Ludlow Drive
Luther Drive
Lynns Way
Macon Circle
Madeira Drive
Madison Court
Magnolia Lane
Magruder Park
Maid Marion Place
Main Street
Malcolm Court
Mallard Lane
Manhoac Run
Manor House Court
Marble Run
Marcy Drive
Marina Point
Marine Circle
Marion Drive
Marks Pond Way
Marl Ravine Road
Marlbank Drive
Marty Lee Drive
Mary Ann Drive
Mary Bierbauer Way
Mason Court
Massie Lane
Masters Lane
Mastin Avenue
Mathews Street
Matoaka Turn
Mindy Lane
Mc Pherson Court
McClellan Court
McDonald Circle
Meadowfield Road
Meadowview Drive
Medford Court
Meherrin Run
Melinda Lane
Melody Lane
Melvins End
Meredith Lane
Merlot Drive
Michael Place
Mid Atlantic Place
Middle Road
Middlewood Lane
Militia Court
Mill Crossing
Mill Lane
Mill Road
Millside Way
Millstone Court
Mimado Court
Misty Drive
Mitchells Method
Mobjack Loop
Monty Manor
Moore House Road
Moore Lane
Mosel Court
Moss Avenue
Mount Vernon Drive
Moyock Run
Muirfield Court
Musket Drive
Myers Court
Myers Road
N Will Scarlet Lane
Nandua Run
Nansemond Turn
Nanticoke Turn
Nathan Place
National Lane
Naurene Court
Nelson District Road
Nelson Drive
Nelson Road
Nelson Street
Nevada Circle
Nevalou Court
Newman Road
Nobles Landing Road
North Bowman Terrace
North Fern Cove Court
North Joshuas Way
North Lakeland Crescent
North Maragret Court
North School Lane
Nottingham Road
Nottoway Turn
Oak Point Drive
Oakmont Circle
Oaktree Road
Occoquan Turning
Ocean Breeze Drive
Ohio Lane
Old Dare Road
Old Dominion Road
Old Glory Court
Old Hollow Road
Old Lakeside Drive
Old Landing Road
Old Mooretown Road
Old Pond Road
Old Railway Road
Old Seaford Road
Old Taylor Road
Old Wormley Creek Road
Olivers Way
Onancock Turning
Orion Court
Osprey Point
Outrigger Court
Oyster Cove Road
Palace Lane
Palmer Court
Pamela Place
Pamlico Run
Pamunkey Turn
Paradise Point Road
Parchment Boulevard
Park Circle
Park Lane
Parker Lane
Paspeheghe Run
Patricks Creek Road
Patriot Way
Patuxent Turn
Paula Court
Paynes Road
Peachtree Lane
Pebble Beach Lane
Pelican Place
Penn Drive
Penrith Crossing
Percussion Road
Periwinkle Drive
Perlie Court
Perrin Circle
Phillips Lane
Phoenix Circle
Piankatank Turn
Pickett Place
Pine View Court
Pinehurst Drive
Pinetree Lane
Piney Point Road
Pintail Place
Pinyon Pines
Pioneer Lane
Plantation Drive
Pocomoke Run
Point Laurel Place
Polaris Drive
Poplar Point Road
Port Cove
Potomac Run
Potter Lane
Presson Road
Prestwick Court
Prince Charles Road
Princess Lane
Princess Place
Professional Parkway
Providence Lane
Pulaski Street
Purgold Road
Putnam Drive
Quaker Meeting House Road
Quantico Loop
Quarter Track
Queen Ann Drive
Queens Creek Road
Queens Drive East
Queensbury Lane
Quest Court
Quincy Court
Rachel Lane
Randolph Street
Raymond Drive
Read Street
Rebecca Drive
Red Bud Lane
Red Dirt Road
Rhine Court
Rich Road
Richard Run
Ridgecrest Circle
Riesling Road
Riggins Lane
Rileys Place
Ring Finger Court
Ripley Road
Riverside Drive
Robanna Drive
Robs Road
Rock Creek Court
Rolling Hills Drive
Rollins Way
Roscoe Crossing
Rosewood Lane
Roy Lane
Royal Colven Drive
Royal Grant Drive
Rudder Court
Runey Way
Running Cedar Court
Rural Retreat Road
Rusty Court
Sadelia Drive
Salem Court
Sanctuary Cove
Sandbox Lane
Sanderling Walk
Saxon Road
Schembri Drive
Schenck Road
School Lane
Schooner Blvd
Scotch Tom Way
Scott Drive
Seagrams Court
Seagull Point
Second Street
Seekright Drive
Semple Road
Seth Lane
Seven Hollys Drive
Shady Bluff Point
Shallow Lagoon
Shamrock Avenue
Shanna Court
Sharps Lane
Shea Lane
Sheep Lane
Sheldon Court
Sheppard Drive
Sheriffs Place
Sherwood Drive
Shield Lane
Ship Point Road
Shirley Road
Shorewood Trace
Showalter Road
Silver Fox Trace
Simmons Drive
Sinclair Lane
Sir John Way
Six Pence Court
Skimino Road
Sleepy Hollow Lane
Sloop Court
Smith Street
Somerset Circle
Sommerville Way
Sonoma Court
Sonshine Way
South Fern Cove Court
South Joshuas Way
South Maragret Court
South Shannon Drive
Sparrer Road
Spinnaker Way
Spoon Court
Springfield Drive
Spur Court
St. Johns Court
Starboard Court
Stellar Circle
Stephanie Lane
Stevens Court
Stillwater Lane
Stone Lake Court
Sue Court
Sun Rise Way
Sunset Drive
Susan Drive
Susan Newton Lane
Sussex Court
Swan Tavern Rise
Tabb Lakes Drive
Tabb Lane
Tabbs Lake Drive
Tallyho Drive
Tam-O-Shanter Boulevard
Tampa Circle
Tarpon Drive
Taurus Court
Tern Court
Terrance Circle
Terrebonne Road
Terrywood Court
Theresas Way
Thomas Drive
Thomas Road
Three Notched Road
Three Point Court
Thunderbird Lane
Tides Run
Tiger Paw Path
Tiger Run
Tignor Court
Todd Court
Tom Thomas Road
Tracy Court
Trafalgar Court
Trails End Drive
Travis Circle
Treis Trail
Trevor Trace
Tristen Lane
Trivalon Court
Tuckahoe Trace
Tudor Drive
Tue Marsh Lane
Tui Place
Tutelo Turn
Two Turkey Run
Uppershire Way
Valentine Circle
Valor Court
Van Curen Court
Victory Road
View Hallo Way
Villa Way
Vine Drive
Vinyard Lane
Virginia Lane
Vista Drive
Vivian Court
Vixen Court
Vreeland Drive
Walden Drive
Wallace Court
Waller Mill Road
Walters Lane
Waltons Approach
Warehouse Course
Washington Square Drive
Waterfowl Drive
Watermans Way
Waters Ridge Road
Waterside Place
Waterview Road
Weaver Road
Wellington Drive
Wesley Court
West Semple Road
West Wedgwood Drive
West Woodland Road
Westminster Place
Weston Road
Wharf Row
Wheeley Circle
Whispering Pine Drive
Whispering Way
White Ridge Lane
Whites Road
Wichita Lane
Wicomico Turn
Wildey Road
Wildwood Drive
Wilkinson Drive
Will Scarlet Lane
Willards Way
Williamsburg Pottery Road
Willoughby Lane
Willow Leaf Drive
Wills Circle
Wilson Drive
Wind Forest Lane
Winder Road
Winders Lane
Winsome Haven Drive
Winstead Drive
Winter Court
Winthrop Road
Woodhaven Drive
Woodlake Run
Woods Edge Lane
Woods Road
Wornom Drive
Wrought Iron Bend
Wynne Road
Wynterset Circle
Yacht Court
Yardarm Court
York Crossing Road
York Drive
York Point Drive
York Point Road
Yorkshire Drive
Yorktown Road
Yorkview Road
Yorkville Road
York-Warwick Drive
Yorkwood Lane
Zachary Place
Zanca Turn
Zinfandel Road
Zweybrucken Road


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